F - C - Bb AS: Toi aussi tu fais des selfies? Alors permets moi de te dire que la discussion sera inexistante! Mais je t'aime quand même. There is a place in outter space Nearby the Reality's edge Where everyone lives at their own pace And live in another era, a mystic age This is the land of my dreams Where I want to live There's no other place I want to go 'Cause here, I want to build my home Waiting for the Great Ship Hoping it to pick me up So far from where I currently live And show me a new born Sun My Dreams... Carpe that fucking diem Single 5.64 ft 132.3 lb I don't wanna be in there with you... I don't wanna be in there without your loving either... -Jules- We can't go on together with suspicious minds... We can't build our dreams on suspicious minds... -Elvis- Snap-off Tap out Eat my short Go fuck yourself Eat shit and die PS: Fags make me throw up... Tell me what'd you do. Nothing? Me too. Gentlemen
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  • 04/05/1994 26 ans
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