Parodie Tik Tok (Ke$ha) par The Key Of Awesome

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Une parodie de la chanson Tik Tok de Ke$ha par les excellents Key Of Awesome.

Paroles :
Wake up in the morning looking greener than Shrek
Sleeping in a tub can really mess up your neck
Before I leave I stop and vomit up tequilla and glitter
Im spending every morning with my head in the s**tter
Got vomit in my hair
But Im way too sick to care
Now Im fallin down the stairs
I pull myself off the floor
Then Im almost at the door
But my family is waiting for me
Oh crap not again
Its an intervention
Its cool Im fine
I can stop at any time

Thats a lie
You wont try
Now youve made your mother cry Look!

O o o o O o o o

Im outta here
This is queer
I just drank a couple beers

Dont leave
We love you
We even hired Dr. Drew

This pattern
needs to end

I think I have to puke again
O o o o O o o o

So, I decide to stay, but my head is still reeling
Then they all go down the line talkin bout their feelings

BROTHER [reading]
It makes me sad when I see brush your teeth with Jack
Also you borrowed my gold bike and never gave it back

Stop showing off your butt
Youre making young girls act like sluts
And youre starting to get a beer gut

This behavior is a dead end
P. Diddy is not your friend
Youll end up like Lindsay Lohan

This is whack
I feel trapped

We just want the old Kesha back

Screw you
Dr. Drew
And your stupid camera crew

Hey you
dont have to shout
We're just trying to help you out

O o o o O o o o

Its time you know
This is just a video
I dont drink
Or pee in sinks
Thats just what I want my fans to think
Its all an act
And in fact
Its even in my contract


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