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On l'a tellement attendu, on s'est tellement battus, on a tellement marché, argumenté, râlé,partagé,été éc½urés : le sénat vient d'adopter (eh eh eh)...


La sphère dominante et l'homosexualité comme...


La filmographie de Gus Van Sant constitue une ½uvre polymorphe, tant dans sa forme que dans les sujets traités. Cependant, certains thèmes récurrents...


One Direction, Larry, réel ou pas

Date 28/10/2018 5:34

Highlights In The History of Table Tennis

When exploring the past on table tennis (often referred to as ping pong), you may not know that this sport has created a mark in history from the 12th century BC. It is thought that this game is derived from a form of "Royal Tennis ", a popular pastime in the Middle Ages. Read   to choose best ping pong paddle for you.

During the past year, a series of devices were used to play table tennis games. For example, in the years 1800, British Army officers stationed in India have stated that this sport was a form of tennis in the house, in which they used the lid of the cigar box for paddles, rounded cylinders for a ball and a grid The book is temporary. During this time, the game has made strides with wealthy individuals throughout England.

The first name, "Table tennis" was used for the public to admit it was in 1887 when the term appeared on a table and the dice game was produced in New York. In the year 1890, one of the first table goals was patented in the UK and provided additional table versions of popular games, such as cricket. Throughout the years 1890, different changes in the game were created, including the type of paddle used, as well as the net height. At this point, Parker Brothers began marketing tennis kits in the home with a cellular network.

Table Tennis is known as the "ping pong " which began in 1900 when a British was credited with creating the name he set from the sound that the balloons created when they were bouncing. In 1901, the commercial name for "ping pong " was established in the United Kingdom, with American rights sold to the game giants, Parker Brothers. It is also the year that the Table Tennis Association was founded in the UK, with the Ping Pong Association after four days later. Looking for top ping pong table at  

Throughout the years 1920, Britain and the rest of Europe saw fame in the game. In 1902 marked the first round of the racket table, introducing the cobblestone rubber, which lasted until 1952. It is a Japanese table tennis table that begins to make the title for the use of the wooden racket coated with thick foam rubber, which produces speed and rotation. When he won the 1952 World Championships, he laid out an Asian tendency to dominate the sport spanning over 40 years. Between 1959 and 1960, the thickness of the paddle is made standard in relation to the usual rubber pimpled options and porous rubber.

In 1971, the table tennis saw the first anti-spin rubber paddle in the world championships. Success is achieved throughout this time, which also marks the discovery of glue of speed when applied to the paddle increased speed and rotation of the play. Racquet has seen additional changes throughout the years 80 when the two-color rule is executed.

One of the biggest victories related to ping pong is when the match becomes the official sport in the Olympic Games. In 1988, the event was !!!!include!!!!d in the Games in Seoul, South Korea. The sport has seen smoothness for a while until the new rule changes are made in the year 2000. The glossy diameter is elevated to 40mm, where the 11-point game is also made popular. Early 2000 also saw a shift towards a long paddle with no friction, leaving some power and spin that was provided through modern technology and speed glue. The future changes in relation to the game may see the prohibition of the long-hair pips and the non-friction-speed glue. If You want to choose robot ping pong click  

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On manquait de ce genre de débat.

Moi je pense que tu te montes trop la tête et qu'on s'en bats les couilles

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Euh... Il me semble que ce n'est qu'un fantasme... Peut-être même un peu monté en flèche par les prods eux-mêmes.

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