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Comment survivre à une rupture...?

Date 28/08/2018 17:48

What is a girl His way?
She is in her computer viewing him bumble along. She is reading Figures on a screen display.
It is Jan. 12. It is a ride around the train Taking her guy right he will be home shortly.
Crystol Springer recalls. She recalls what her guy Mike Before leaving for your Touchstone Energy Tucson Open, Stated.
The PGA Tour had given a to players, a bit Palm VIIx was named by box. Mike said to his wife,"Perhaps Friday afternoon, it is possible to email me and inform me exactly what the cut is likely to be"
The Palm devices make correspondence potential. You are in Your husband is so that you type a message, in a speech, hit SEND, and your words are. . . Your own passenger, that in the instant finds himself idling about the tee and !include!s two holes to play.  
He's wondering, what is the cut likely to be? Here Mike Remembers what he advised Crystol.
So the toy is fetched by him checks his Email, and downloads four from friends saying hello, five messages, one from his spouse.
The email of crystol reports which the three bogeys place Mike over the Cut on line, possibly.
Then she adds, by means of marital reinforcement,"Better get Your behind going "

What the rules say about'information'
We are going to reach this Springer saga's denouement. First Let us turn to the Rules of Golf, in which"information" is described as"any counsel or suggestion that could influence a player in determining his play, the choice of a club or the way of creating a stroke."
Insists that information could be obtained "just from his partner or either of their caddies."
Could it be OK to get a husband within an Arizona path Out of his spouse in California? Unexpectedly, questions that are high tech are in golf. Crystol Cyber Chat & the Mike is 1 case of the full embrace of this Information Age of this game.

Mobile phones are old hat. They have been a crime against Civility so on a golf course, and there's yet hope that implementation will be approved by a legislature that is right-thinking by injection as punishment.
The telephones that are infernal turn out to be the vanguard of The 21st century into golfing. Coming soon to a class near you: each man, woman and kid carrying not just a mobile phone but pager, not just a pager however a Palm, not just a Palm but a different magical box known as the SkyGolf GPS, a global positioning system partnered with a Palm V that supplies yardages and a background of each shot you have ever struck.
We've become info addicts. We are wired six ways. We are mainlining databytes. We are hooked and we need our repair. Not in one hour. Now.
We want to know what we need a little and there is to understand Magic box help us if our batteries will have lost the capability and go dead since we will not understand anything.
It is now possible to find out the space from here Palm tree by speaking to some box instead of by vaguely. Is referral lawful?
From the 1996 Evian Masters in France Amused herself by yanking on a TV. She watched England play with Spain in a football match. Could it be OK, just one wonders, to see at the performing get information and your tournament?
While walking down a fairway, you can carry In the tee a video from your gawdawful swing on a conversation with your swing trainer through which he can play with back and review. Legal?

"Hell, no, you can not do this," says PGA Tour tournament director Mark Russell.
Otherwise, who knows what's OK? The discombobulated of the game Rules-makers are scrambling to catch up with the high-tech possibilities of today.  
"If You Would like to watch a videotape of Hogan's Five Basics even though you're playing, that is not OK," states Jeff Hall, a U.S. Golf Association assistant manager for the Rules of Golf. "But if you bring the book and examine it, then OK."

To make the most of our lust the PGA, for advice Tour created what it requires a platform designed to transmit and record data on each shot, ShotLink. To estimate a media release:"!include!d are... information on the lie (good, poor ), the team strike, the position (uphill, downhill or sidehill), place (fairway, rough, green or bunker), if or not a punishment is involved, and also the time of day every shot is struck, which can be essential for video logging and transferring information. Walking scorers also transmit the rating of every player on each hole once the hole is finished."
Club choices are reported by caddies. Laser range-finders measure Distances in fairways to the nearest foot. The data is transmitted into community TV, intranet websites, onsite boss boards, closed-circuit TV and PGA Tour headquarters, which then employs the data on its own site and since the infrastructure to get an interactive online game known as"Play Against the Experts"
Here one wonders about this folderol that is extracurricular. What Would Ben Hogan believe?
He and caddie Cayce Kerr, that would agree, when asked about ShotLink, states "First time someone comes into my participant's office, that individual becomes inhaled "
Translation: 15 seasons' caddie considers ShotLink Has an erosion of ethics, flaws, one of them the diversion of caddie and participant, but what's more. He supplies a caddies committee announcement on ShotLink that states..."If things go as planned, a participant witha overdue - weekend tee can observe the consequence of each shot played until he tees off.
"We think this produces quite an unbalanced competitive Advantage for this player. The ShotLink information will probably be comprehensive and complicated than that accessible through television policy as explained to us. Does this undermine the integrity of this game"
Great question, and it is the Type of going-to-the-heart-of-golf Question the USGA and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club have to face. "You will find things of confusion," that the USGA's Hall admits.
For Example, he states, it prohibited to use a worldwide Positioning apparatus during play. However, many centers have supplied the GPS devices on carts, along with the USGA accepts scores from these areas for disability purposes--that is the very distinction between"aggressive" golfing clubs and"recreational" golf the USGA does not make for, say,"nonconforming" clubs.
But wait. What is really bad about a device? Is not it just a method of pacing the yardage off?
"We mark sprinkler heads and Place in 150-yard Mark," Hall says. "And also the USGA does desire to be a pioneer, not a follower. So we say,'OK, we have held the high ground. Let us use GPS but limit its capacities '"
A GPS application can create a Listing of every space and each shot. That info could be massaged to generate preshot directions, including,"Hey, dummy, place the 9-iron back. By 142, it is an 8 to you."
Hall sighs. "If it moves beyond space to club Choice, we are clearly uninterested in that."
However, the tour Mark Russell states the mumbo jumbo Will not alter the game's greatest truth:"You have still gotta putt the ball to the pit."

Springer gets his'supporting' moving
From the dark ages, when people spoke to each other Rather on the tee, Mike Springer may have utilized his time than swap email shirt to inquire a TV sound guy to ask the boys.
But this time, Springer read the guidance of Crystol: Better get your Supporting moving.
He did. Having 8-iron and 3-wood chip-in out of 35 ft, a driveway, '' he Made eagle.
On his hole, his tee shot went to water, from Which he fell and place a 7-iron to five feet and made the putt for a diploma. He could make $ 5,850 and left the cut.
"And as I am walking down the 17th fairway," he states, "I am about the Palm stocks. 'Take the benefit,' I let it."
The following week, the green sheet of advice of the tour to players Declared what's been known as"the Mike Springer rule"

Date 29/08/2018 23:41

Salut Victor,
Il nous est difficile de te répondre comme ceci, en te connaissant si peu. Je peux en tout cas déjà te dire que tu sembles quelqu'un de réfléchi, et de surcroît capable d'une introspection intéressante.
Une rupture est toujours difficile, parce qu'elle représente, en particulier au terme d'une relation assez longue comme la tienne, la remise en question d'une existence que tu avais commencé à construire à deux. Il y a certainement des repères, des habitudes que tu avais pris dans le cadre de cette relation, et il est normal de te sentir dérouté au début.
Mon seul conseil, ce sera d'être confiant et de rester ouvert au monde ! Ici ou ailleurs, je suis certain que tu pourras rencontrer des gens avec qui partager, t'ouvrir et t'épanouir.
N'hésite pas à m'envoyer un mp si tu veux qu'on en discute un peu plus.
Bon courage !

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